About Us


iZOOlogic is an internet company dedicated to providing niche brand protection and phishing solutions.

The iZOOlogic platform is an integrated suite of solutions allowing real time intelligence into the online threat landscape and provides a seamless 24X7X365 Global Incident Response.

iZOOlogic is headquartered in the UK, with operations in US and Australia, protecting major brands and organisations across the world.

Security as a Service

• Provides real time intelligence and enforces the security policies of the organisation
• Bespoke and robust anti-fraud and brand monitoring solutions
• Specialised and proprietary platforms
• Expert Security Analysts
• Global Security Response
• Highest degree of customer service


• iZOOlabs – Global Security Laboratory
• Global Intel and Security Response
• Specialised Analysis Platforms
• Seamless Communication Channel
• Real Time Threat Intelligence