June 25, 2018
malware virus protection

Mac-specific malware: the false sense of security with Macs

Recent research shows, with the widespread use of Apple devices, Mac-specific malware and viruses are now widespread. Apple Macs were once thought to be safer than Windows. Hackers found it more worthwhile to target Windows based operating systems with malware and viruses. A recent study conducted by a veritable IT security firm reported Mac-specific malware...
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Cryptocurrency Exchange

What does Cryptocurrency Exchange hack mean for Crypto Cyber Security?

What Does the Recent Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack Mean for Crypto Cyber Security? One of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in Korea, Coinrail, was hacked in June. While Coinrail did not release an official figure for the stolen coins, The Guardian estimates that at least £27.8m worth of digital funds are now lost forever. The immediate result...
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