July 17, 2018
Mobile Apps as Spyware
Spies in the Digital World: Mobile Apps as Spyware? Have you ever heard of the times when Siri of Apple, Amazon of Alexa, Google Home of Google, and possibly Cortana of Microsoft were said to be listening to their consumers’ conversations even without these private virtual assistants being used? Sounds like a spyware. These concerns...
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AI and Phishing
AI and Phishing: Best Offense or Great Defense The term AI is most often misinterpreted. There are people thinking of the T-1000 or those terminator robots that were trying to hunt down John Connor and eventually leads to the creation of SkyNet and towards the end of the world as we know it. These clichéd...
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Cloud Security Services
Cloud Security Services: How Secure Are They? The steady rise on popularity of cloud security services among businesses show no signs of slowing down, and it is only natural at this point to ask this relevant question: which one carries the heavier blame during a security breach? To answer, most cloud security breaches resulted from...
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