October 16, 2018
Hackers Stole $15Million from Cosmos Bank

Hackers Stole $13.4 million from Cosmos Bank

Police in India have launched a formal investigation of a malware attack on a Cosmos Bank ATM server that enabled attackers to siphon off US$13.4 million. The hackers cloned the bank’s Visa and Rupay debit cards and used them to siphon cash from ATMs on Aug. 11 and Aug. 13, according to the bank. An investigation...
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Apple’s Work and School Products Leaking Info

Apple’s Device Enrolment Program Leaking Info

Apple products – like iPhones, MacBooks and iPads, are most often registered and verified using their unique device serial numbers through Apple’s Device Enrollment Program.   Organizations use the program to manage devices they hand out. It’s how teachers monitor school-issued iPads and iPhones and how the New York Police Department rolls out its custom...
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tech support scam

Mouse Cursor Hijacker: The New Scam

Previously we have discussed here in iZOOblogs about the modus and dangers of tech support scams: These old scams have proven themselves to be prevalent, because according to a reliable source in a contact center of a software security company they get a lot of contact regarding these scams where they thought initially to...
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