November 13, 2018
ICANN’s Response to GDPR: Temporary Specification Survey
Last October 31st we have posted an article on how GDPR of EU has affected and will continue to affect the fight against cybercrime, that being said with respect to the law passed for EU members ICANN has issued its response for the purpose of compliance. Since the response of ICANN was effective and already...
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US Election Day: No Malicious Cyber Activity So Far
As midterm decision results are counted, authorities said Tuesday that they have not seen any pernicious digital action focusing on the election framework. Branch of Homeland Security authorities held intermittent press calls to issue refreshes Tuesday, tending to in the event that they’ve needed to manage endeavored obstruction. Soon after 9 p.m. EST, authorities were...
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Hackers Found Selling Pakistani Bank Data on the Dark Web
Malicious threat actors have apparently figured out how to take assets from almost every bank in Pakistan, in a stunning unforeseen development. The gigantic money related break was affirmed by the executive of cybercrimes at Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency, wing Captain (retd) Mohammad Shoaib, various nearby news outlets detailed. The hackers have allegedly figured out...
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Drupalgeddon 2: A Postmortem Analysis for Drupal’s Major Security Breach
Background Just months ago, Drupal, one of the most famous Content Management System (or CMS) along with WordPress and Joomla, sparked a lot of controversies surrounding its alleged vulnerability of how easy it is for threat actors to compromise its system. We’re referring to what happened last March, on which two vulnerabilities, (CVE-2018-7600) and (CVE-2018-7602),...
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100K Home Routers Hacked via UPnP Vulnerability
By and by, a hundred thousand or more home switches have been press-ganged into a spam-heaving botnet, this time by means of Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). As indicated by brainiacs from 360 Netlab, the malware misuses vulnerabilities in a Broadcom UPnP usage to taint helpless portals, and that implies a heap of switch makers...
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US$7.5M Worth of CryptoCurrencies stolen from
Cyber Criminals have effectively pulled back 1.3 million of the stolen tokens. The Swiss cryptographic money trade is as yet exploring the reason for the rupture. Switzerland-based digital money trade endured a break that brought about programmers taking around 50 million TIO ( tokens) from one of its wallets that was held in cool...
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