November 21, 2018
Hetzner Suffers Yet Another Data Breach
South African subsidiary of Germany’s Hetzner Online, has advised customers that it has been a victim of a “data breach” which likely exposed all of their customers data. The data breach, according to Hetzner, was uncovered by their cyber security research team on October 5th 2018 when they apparently noticed an “unusual network activity.” The...
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US Department of Defense Weapons Systems
The US Department of Defense analyzers found noteworthy vulnerabilities in the division’s weapon frameworks, some of which started with poor essential secret key security or absence of encryption. As past hacks of government frameworks, similar to the rupture at the Workplace of Faculty Administration or the break of the DOD’s unclassified email server, have shown...
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35 million voter records on Dark Web
Up to 35 million voter records have been found available to be purchased on a mainstream hacking discussion from 19 states, scientists found. Cyber Security Specialists on Monday said that they found Dark Web interchanges offering an extensive amount of voter databases available to be purchased – including profitable and identifiable data and voter history....
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