December 10, 2018
Even Food Delivery Companies Get Hacked
Food delivery startup DoorDash has received dozens of complaints from customers who say their accounts have been hacked. DoorDash is now a $4 billion company after raising $250 million last month, and serves more than 1,000 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Dozens of people have tweeted at @DoorDash with complaints that their accounts had...
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Cobalt Threat Group Dishing Out SpicyOmelette
Cobalt Gang, also known as Gold Kingswood, is spreading SpicyOmelette malware – targeting banking and other financial institutions worldwide. Cyberattacks against banks and its clients alike are spreading and evolving in nature and complexity – it is often financial institutions which bear the burden. Banking customers being deceived by fraudulent schemes or those that become...
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Cyber Attackers Used NSA Hacking Tools to Penetrate Government Agencies
Cyber scalawags are utilizing a trio of NSA hacking apparatuses, released a year ago by the Shadow Merchants, to taint and keep an eye on PC frameworks utilized in aviation, atomic vitality, and different ventures. This is as indicated by analysts today – they said the American snooping office’s DarkPulsar digital weapon – alongside a...
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Emotet Returns with Thanksgiving Theme and Better Phishing Tricks
 After a short break, Emotet malware has been watched covered in reports conveyed through messages that pretended to be from financial institutions or masked as Thanksgiving-themed greetings for employees. Toward the beginning of October, Emotet movement dropped off the radar, just to return towards the month’s end with new plugin that exfiltrates email subjects and...
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