December 17, 2018
Cox Communications
Just earlier this month, a group of researchers uncovered a rather simple insecurity on the website for Cox Communications, a US cable and internet provider with around six million customers. The problem they uncovered would have given attackers an all-out access to user accounts and gain access to sensitive user information like billing and credit...
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Google is Tracking Users Even without Location History
Just when you thought you have disabled location tracking since you have turned off your location settings and history, you were wrong. According to a report by Associated Press last Monday, even though you’ve already disabled your Location History, Google will still be able to track you down – every single time. Google said that...
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Apple iOS 12 Just Got Jailbroken
Yet another terrible news for Apple. Pangu – The Chinese Hacking Team is back and once again and surprised everyone by hacking the just released iOS12 on the iPhone XS. Well, that was awkwardly fast. The Pangu Jailbreak Team has been dormant for a while. Their last jailbreak was the iOS9 back in October 2015....
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NewsNow Hacked: User Passwords Exposed
NewsNow, the popular news aggregation site just suffered a huge data breach that may have resulted in exposing their users’ encrypted passwords. The news aggregator failed to mention anything about the breach on its site or on any of its social media accounts. It is reportedly notifying affected customers via email: —– “We are writing...
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Warning: Zombie BotNets on IoT
The phantoms and devils of October have traveled every which way, yet the risks hiding behind virtual dividers have barely vanished. The risk of zombie bots is genuine, and it exists 365 days out of the year. Zombie bots, or gadgets that are assumed control by programmers to scatter diverse sorts of malware, infections, or...
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