December 22, 2018
Best Malware Scanner
Anne Arundel County Library computers were just exposed to a computer virus, prompting officials to take the computers out of service and ask customers to monitor personal information for fraudulent activity. About 600 terminals were reportedly breached. It was announced Saturday that the computers were exposed to a virus called Emotet, which targets users through...
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PGA Americas Held Ransom for Bitcoins - iZOOlogic
Cyber Attackers have taken over the control of computer servers belonging to the PGA of America, demanding a bitcoin ransom from the famed golf association in order to return control to them. Officials were locked out of critical files that relate to the PGA Championship and the upcoming Ryder Cup in France. While trying to...
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The Uncertain Future of Gaming Technologies
People spend 2.5 billion minutes a day playing League of Legends.” That was part of the keynote speech from Jane McGonigal, Director of game research and development for the Institute for the Future at the 2018 Security Congress. To put that in perspective, that’s the equivalent of having a company of more than 20 million...
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Netflix Users Warned Against Phishing Attacks
If you own a smart TV, or even just a computer, it’s likely you have a Netflix account. The streaming service is huge these days – even taking home awards for its owned content. So, it’s only natural cybercriminals are attempting to leverage the service’s popularity for their own gain. In fact, just discovered last...
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