December 28, 2018
DomainFactory Hacked!
One of the largest hosting companies in Germany, DomainFactory, has been penetrated by hackers. The hosting company, owned by GoDaddy since 2016, reported that the data breach happened around late January 2018, but the company found out about the incident just last week, July 3rd, after the alleged Hacker began sharing bits of the stolen...
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Google Images Plagued by Malwares
Cyber attackers are getting really creative and resourceful when it comes to infecting users and machines with Malwares. It’s as if regular hacking of websites and servers is not enough, these criminals are now targeting legit hosted websites and its images, and using them as a tool to exploit vulnerabilities while remaining undetected. What’s even...
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Dharma Ransomware weaponizes itself with fresh Cmb variant
While security experts are still not finish decrypting newer variants of Dharma ransomed files (which terrorizes the digital landscape with its prolific Ransomware releases lately), it again strikes back using a .cmb encryption. It appears as if this malicious malware is expected to surface for a while, for currently no decryption method is working as...
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