January 7, 2019
torrent clients
TORRENTING: You could be helping hackers – and you don’t know it Every time you use your torrent client, you take a gamble. It doesn’t matter if it’s the usual chance of running in with some copyright organization; the web traffic using your torrent client is rarely 100% legal. But with technological advancements and research...
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Rakhni Trojan: A New Breed of Cryptomining
Rakhni, an old ransomware dating as far back as the year 2013, recently stepped up its game by adding a new devastating algorithm with its arsenal of attacks. It now decides whether to demand ransomware or secretly profit by installing a miner. How It Works The malware is shared via email attachment, often disguised as...
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Magecart have gotten smarter with their global card-skimming tactic
In the wake of Ticketmaster UK’s website hacking by the infamous Magecart threat group just weeks ago, researchers have discovered how they managed to pull this no-easy-feat off: by hacking their third-party suppliers first. Magecart have already attacked over 800 e-commerce sites to date, and a huge of them can be credited to their employment...
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