January 23, 2019

HSBC USA Hacked – User Data Compromised

HSBC Bank USA, an American backup of UK based HSBC, has endured an information rupture that brought about the trade off of individual information of a few clients. Despite the fact that the number isn’t yet known, the bank has affirmed that the assault happened between October 4 and October 14, 2018.   What was...
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Stuxnet malware

Iran Got Hit by Powerful StuxNet 2.0 Malware

Iranian systems were as of late allegedly hit by another all the more ground-breaking variation of the notorious Stuxnet malware. The new Stuxnet variation is purportedly more forceful and modern. The malware was first found eight years prior when it focused on Iran’s atomic frameworks.   The Stuxnet virus was uncovered some eight years ago,...
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IronChat Cracked by Law Enforcement Revealing

IronChat Cracked by Law Enforcement Revealing Almost 300K Messages from Suspected Criminals

Dutch police have uncovered that they could keep an eye on the interchanges of in-excess of 100 presumed crooks, observing live as over a fourth of a million chat messages were traded. The scrambled messages were sent utilizing IronChat, an apparently secure encoded messaging administration accessible on BlackBox IronPhones.   The site of Blackbox Security...
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