August 6, 2019
Mac Malware Utilized by Hacking Group APT32 to Attack Servers
A newly identified MacOS backdoor detected by AV companies as OSX_OCEANLOTUS.D that is perceived as the latest version of a threat used by OceanLotus (a.k.a. APT 32, APT-C-00, SeaLotus, and Cobalt Kitty).   OceanLotus was responsible for launching targeted attacks against human rights organizations, media organizations, research institutes, and maritime construction firms. The attackers behind...
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New MacOS Phishing Scheme Found
The 2017 version of OSX.Dok used a fake Preview icon to disguise an application bundle. The malware apparently targeted mostly European Mac users and was spread via an email phishing campaign that attempted to convince the user there was some problem with their tax returns.   A similar trick is used in the new version,...
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Info-stealing malware targeting android phone users | Malware Trojan
Security Researchers recently discovered a new malware trojan called GolfSpythat targets android phone users in the Middle East and was designed to steal personal information and potentially take control over mobile devices.The malware’s cyberespionage campaign was named “Bouncing Golf”based on the malware’s code in the package named “golf.”This info-stealing malware is known for its wide...
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