November 1, 2019
joker stash dark web

Joker Stash – One of the Biggest Card Dumps

We routinely monitor the dark web for threats and suspicious activities. Joker Stash is a Dark Web store that sells compromised bank credit cards.   On the 28th (US Time) of October the Joker Stash dark web store announced its new release of cards for sale through their news bulletin.   Something more suspicious than...
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Remote Trojans

Nigerian Fraudsters Prefer Remote Trojans For Scamming

Nigerian business email compromise scams are growing more dangerous and sophisticated as cybercriminals add new tools and techniques to their arsenal such as remote access trojans (RATs) and advanced information stealers. But even beyond soaring cybercriminal incidents, criminals are becoming less of a pesky threat, such as Nigerian Prince 419-style email scams, and more dangerous....
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cryptojacking malware

CryptoJacking Malware Functions Under The Radar

Analysis of new malware samples used by the Rocke group for cryptojacking reveals code that uninstalls from Linux servers multiple cloud security and monitoring products developed by Tencent Cloud and Alibaba Cloud.   Rocke’s goal is to compromise Linux machines and use them to mine for Monero cryptocurrency. They exploit several vulnerabilities in Apache Struts...
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