January 17, 2020
black router iranian malware ransomware trojan blackrouter

Iranian Malware BlackRouter – evolved as a Ransomware

BlackRouter, a ransomware recognized in 2018 is currently being endorsed as a Raas by its maker. The individual behind BlackRouter, known as “MOH3NE2”, is accepted to be of Iranian origins. This ransomware was identified by a cybersecurity scientist Petrovic and is found to have enhanced highlights, for example, a clock and an alternate GUI over...
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Phishing Emails pretend to be Office 365 ‘File Deletion’ alerts

Deceptive phishing has been proliferating recently with campaigns appearing to come from the  “Office 365 Team”. Phishing emails are warning recipients that there has been an unusual amount of file deletions occurring on their account. The phishing campaign pretends to be a warning from the Office 365 service that states a medium-severity alert has been...
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