February 22, 2020
Australian National University

Australian National University facing massive data leaks exposing 19 years of data access

The data of more than 200,000 employees and students of Australian National University is at great risk where a sophisticated operator gains an access to their staffs and students’ information that took place during late 2008. The Vice Chancellor of the ANU, Mr. Brian Smith, disclosed in his statement about the massive data leaks that...
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malware masquerades adobe flash antimalware injection hijacking

Newly-discovered malware infecting Macs masquerades as Adobe Flash installer

A malware check has done by the security house of AiroAV when a newly-discovered malware interferes with internet traffic on infested Apple Macs and maliciously inserts Bing results into victim’s Google search results. This malware configures compromised macOS computers to modify Google search results through a local proxy server. This kind of malware is not...
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