February 27, 2020
ministry of health singapore health care system data breach compromised data hacked hacking cyberattack

Singapore Health Care Systems Hacked – Patient Records Compromised

Cyber-criminals have stolen a whole bunch of personal and patient data in a record-breaking hack which contained data between June to July 2018. The hacking, according to Singapore authorities was well-executed, well-planned and precisely aimed towards attacking the country’s largest group of hospitals and other healthcare institutions. More than 1 Million patient’s personal records have...
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ta505 phishing campaign malware antimalware financial organizations

A threat actor known as TA505 recently launched a phishing campaign that uses living-of-the-land binaries (LOLBins) to distribute a new backdoor malware

Threat Summary Malicious actor TA505 known for these notorious campaigns namely info stealer malware Dridex, the Locky ransomware, and more. Another attack carried out by the same group on multiple continents, including North America, Asia, Africa, and South America. Primarily focusing on large financial organizations, this group at the same time perform well-planned, advanced attacks...
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mobile phishing antiphishing firefox safari googlechrome chrome

Mobile Browsers Failed To Issue Phishing Alerts for Over a Year

A cyber security research team has identified a vulnerability in the protection of top mobile web browsers. Shockingly, mobile Chrome, Safari, and Firefox failed to show any blacklist warnings between mid-2017 and late 2018 despite the presence of security settings that implied blacklist protection. However, this issue only affects mobile browsers that use Google Safe...
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