April 11, 2020
Fraudsters prey on Australians affected by the COVID-19

Fraudsters prey on Australians financially affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Phishing scams on Australia’s Superannuation  With the COVID-19 pandemic situation, Australia will process the early release of Superannuation (aka Super). This is a retirement plan that is partly compulsory to a company that is requiring to have their employees to deposit a minimum percentage of their salary to a specific account.  In line with this...
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starbucks gift cards phishing scam phishing email antiphishing

Coronavirus-linked Phishing Scam comprising Starbucks gift cards

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) in Mainland B.C. informed the public to be wary about the circulating COVID-19 related Phishing Scam which involved Starbucks Gift Cards that was reported to them by a concerned consumer. Through phishing emails, the cybercriminals are dispersing fake coupons in Social Media such as Twitter by informing the public that...
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