April 24, 2020
remote access tool malware shakespearean antimalware rat poetrat

Pandemic shakespearean Remote Access Tool

The exposure of the Remote Access Tool Cisco Talos researchers, as part of their malware detection process, able to find new attacks within a specific sector in Azerbaijan, as reported. The program is a malware remote access trojan (RAT)  unknown family protocol. It can gather intel from the infected system from essential data such as...
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rubygems typosquatting malware antimalware financial malware trojan antitrojan

Typosquatting technique malware on RubyGems

RubyGems have discovered a new threat between February 16 to 25 of this year. As one of the known repositories of open source code for developers. The company announced that they were able to extract 700 malicious or rude codes as part of their malware detection program. The code, once included on a software package,...
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