May 5, 2020
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Emotet malware just made the coronavirus harmful for machines too

During these last few months, cyber security analysts and cyber research companies have been giving out precautions about the continuing increase in malware attacks, specifically Emotet. U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency has issued warning as well that it’s considered a huge growth in focused malware attacks using Emotet. In its short history, Emotet started...
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banco de costa rica data leak compromised data dark web

Banco de Costa Rica: Lost 11 million credit card data

It has been revealed by the Threat Actors behind the Maze Ransomware that they have stolen a whopping 11 million credit card data of Banco de Costa Rica. They have also claimed that this is not the first time they have intruded on the bank’s network as they have first accessed it back in August...
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Zoom Meeting – attackers are now sending hoax invites

As a result of the current pandemic crisis that we are all experiencing now, most of the companies shifted to work from home arrangements. Thus, online meetings for business are currently being conducted through video conferring software such as Zoom Meeting. It is currently one of the preferred conferring software now for business as well...
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