May 9, 2020
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Xiaomi brand phones: A spy for China?

Recently cybersecurity solutions researchers Gabi Cirlig and Andrew Tierney produced a report on their Xiaomi experience. They have confirmed that Xiaomi, through their testing on RedMi Note 8, picks up its users’ tracks and stores it on a server on China. This is from the initial report on Forbes that this type of behavior is...
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dridex banking trojan malware ransomware antimalware antiransomware

Dridex banking trojan ranks top on malware list

One of the leading Security Company has published its Global Threat Index for March 2020. XMRig bags the 1st place of top malware families as it affected 5% of organizations globally. Second on the list is the Jsecoin, which impacted 4% then followed by Dridex banking trojan, which affected 3% of the organization worldwide. XMRig...
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