May 14, 2020
citrix sharefile controller vulnerability security patch

Citrix vulnerabilities could compromise your company’s corporate data

Citrix Systems, Inc. is a multinational tech company that delivers virtualization technologies, server applications, and cloud computing innovations for desktops and other computing platforms. It became popular for its development of remote access products for Microsoft, enabling user machines to access different remote resources and technologies. In a most recent observation by several cyber security...
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xiaomi mobile data privacy concerns compromised data privacy information security infosec

Xiaomi Mobile: China’s Tool for Global Espionage

Xiaomi Mobile – A well-known Chinese smartphone manufacturer is under public scrutiny once again, due to allegations that it’s been spying on users all over the world in favor of the Chinese government. The tech giant, is among the top five in terms of smartphone manufacturing, globally. It is the #1 smartphone of choice and...
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