May 28, 2020
netsupport manager RAT phishing attacks antiphishing phishing solutions

Microsoft alerts NetSupport Manager RAT phishing attacks

COVID-19 a conduit for NetSupport Manager RAT cyberattack Cybercriminals are still capitalizing on the current COVID-19 pandemic that everyone all over the world is getting affected by it. Microsoft discovered another phishing scheme that is related to COVID-19. The said attack starts with an email that provides information regarding the total number of deaths that...
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thunderbolt port vulnerability exploit hacking

7 new flaws affect all Thunderbolt port of computers

There has been a recent pitch from a Dutch security researcher who found a security flaw in the thunderbolt port or USB type-C port on Thunderbolt-enabled Windows, Apple, or Linux computers before 2020, while some systems shipped since 2019 that provide Kernel Direct Memory Access protection are partially vulnerable. This Evil Maid attack (i.e., attacker...
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