June 23, 2020
elasticsearch honeypot threat actors threat advisory

Elasticsearch: Honeypot method gets the attention of Threat actors

Elasticsearch is an Open Source software project that was developed by Elastic. There were instances of leaked, lost, or stolen data because the data was not securely stored. The mentioned instances are one of the reasons why Threat actors are targeting this software. They can find unsecured Elasticsearch quicker than search engines.   Security team...
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20 million taiwanese citizens data leak dark web

20 Million Taiwanese citizens data leaked in the Dark Web

On Friday, May 29th, researchers discovered that details of over 20 Million Taiwanese citizens were being sold in the Dark Web by a Threat Intelligence firm. The seller, Toogod, which is a “well known and reputable threat actor” titled the database as “Taiwan Whole Country Home Registry DB.” The 3.5 GB leaked database comprises details...
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