July 8, 2020
belltrox india dark basin hacking group

BellTrox India Exposed: They are hackers for hire

After seven long years of doing their malicious acts, a group of cybersecurity experts was able to pin down the Dark Basin hacking group. Whitehat experts suspect that the Dark Basin group is a government-backed hacking organization. They were able to do their unethical deeds across the globe in six continents targeting high profiled individuals...
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mage cart group image code injection malicious scripts hacking group

Magecart Group strikes again using the image code injection technique

Great and proven techniques will always be noticed by someone as successful as Magecart Group. Hiding the code inside image headers or image code injection is a known handy work of Magecart that has been observed as early as 2015. However, they may have been active as early as 2014, based on the creation of...
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