July 10, 2020

Newly discovered ransomware ‘EvilQuest’ is targeting macOS users

Dinesh Devadoss, an independent malware researcher, discovered Ransomware that is aiming to target macOS Users. He tweeted his findings recently and believed that this “OSX.EvilQuest” Ransomware has been circulating in the wild since the start of June 2020. EvilQuest reportedly has capabilities to control the infected host fully. Aside from possessing Ransomware characteristics, this MacOS...
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aerospace military hacking attack social engineering linkedin fraud prevention

Aerospace and Military intercepted using LinkedIn profile

Cybersecurity researchers from a renowned Software Security company recently submitted their recent paper about the unfortunate event in the aerospace and military logistics deployed in Europe and the Middle East region. The report confirmed that this infiltration targeted high profiled employees in LinkedIn from the mentioned key field and had been taken place between September...
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