July 14, 2020
evilquest ransomware macos ios malware antimalware

Ransomware EvilQuest on MacOS and iOS got more virulent

Recently we published an introduction to EvilQuest malware. Debunking the old belief that macOS is virus-free. EvilQuest belongs to the family of ransomware that had caught the attention of many Information Security experts since it is targeting mainly the MacOS system. Following the path of KeRanger and Patcher – popular infiltrator program for macOS, EvilQuest used the...
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wikileaks founder indictment industry news

WikiLeaks founder Indictment

Founder and Director of the well known non-profit organization WikiLeaks – Julian Assange (Age 48 from Australia) is facing 18 counts of the indictment in the presence of the US Department of Justice. The charges were for curating as considered the biggest conspiracy of highly classified intel in the United States of America’s history. The...
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