July 18, 2020
banking trojans cybercrime group

Banking Trojans robbing people of their money

A collaborative effort of a trojan malware cybercrime group was exposed recently by Cybersecurity experts, which are based in Brazil, targeting mainly banks and other financial institutions. Let alone the group efforts are believed to be expanding through the Latin America region and some parts in Europe benefitting that Brazilian banks have tie-up connections to...
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twitter high profile account hijacked cryptocurrency scam social engineering

High Profile Twitter accounts hijacked to promote Cryptocurrency Scam

Multiple high-profile and verified Twitter accounts were hacked on Wednesday by Cybercriminals that used the official accounts to spread a Cryptocurrency scam. The post lures the followers of high-profile accounts to send payment to a BTC Address within 30 minutes and “as payback” they will have the money back double in value – a common...
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