July 24, 2020
amazon phishing vishing attacks

Amazon credential Phishing and Vishing attacks are on the move

Amazon is an eCommerce company that currently has ‎US$14.541 billion in operating income in 2019. This eCommerce giant has been one of the go-to shopping platforms of people now more than ever because of lockdown implementation caused by COVID-19. As many are ordering their stuff online as it’s safer than leaving the house excessively, Amazon...
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wattpad data breach data loss recovery

270 Million user data of Wattpad breached

Last July 14th, 2020, Wattpad has preconized the “unauthorized accessed” of some user data in their servers. The Toronto based social networking service has warned its users that some personally identifiable information may be have been accessing such as email addresses, date of birth and gender, profile display name, account name, and cryptographically hashed passwords....
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