August 1, 2020
indian government china mobile app privacy intrusion infosec information security

India bans more ‘Made in China’ apps

It gains momentum that Huawei products are being banned in the US. For suspecting that these products were used for espionage. The devices are accused of sending sensitive and classified information to the server in China. This includes that Xiaomi products also send information about User behavior for data analysis on its server in China....
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twitter hack attack cybercrime update social engineering inside job

Twitter Hack: Fallout investigators on trail of cyber criminals

One of the prominent social media has not been excluded from the list of attacks of malicious actors. With the news spread in the cybercommunity, Twitter has been jeopardized for high profiled personalities as perpetrators were able to gain access to it. In the report, politicians, celebrities, and businessman accounts have been compromised, leading to...
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