August 3, 2020
chinese hackers indian government hong kong residents

Chinese Hackers: Cyber attacks against Indian Government and Hong Kong Residents

A newly discovered cyber attack campaign from a group of Threat Actors that originates from China has been traced to targeting Government Agencies from India and Hong Kong Residents. The attack from the Chinese Hackers were first observed in the first week of July same time that a controversial law was passed in Hong Kong...
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whatsapp hacked nso group data Exfiltration vulnerability voip infosec information security privacy

WhatsApp Hack – Why you should always update your apps

WhatsApp has just recently released a new patch upgrade after Cybersecurity experts exposed its vulnerability upon stumbling the modus of the Israeli hacking adversaries called NSO Group. According to the report, WhatsApp has shallow security wherein speculation that this was neglected upon app development. Due to this, the NSO Group was able to hack devices...
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