August 26, 2020
Fritzfrog Botnet malware p2p antimalware solutions

Fileless P2P Fritzfrog Botnet

A new variant of Botnet has been unraveled by Cybersecurity experts that have been ongoing since January of this year. According to statistical reports, the current intrusion rate already summed up to 13000 successful attacks on devices and more than 500 servers from its adversaries. The malware was named ‘Fritzfrog’ by the experts, which is...
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chinese apt actors group hackers linux OS Advanced Persistent Threats

Collaborative attack between Chinese APT Actors on Linux

A collaborative attack has been unwrapped recently by cybersecurity experts that have been targeting the Linux Operating System. Developers such as Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, and Debian are said to be the focus of this malicious attack. According to the uncovered pieces of evidence, the attack was perpetrated by 5 different Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)...
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