October 16, 2020
microsoft windows xp os source code leak data leak compromised data

Windows OS Source Code leaked online

Cybercommunity experts and infamous hackers feasted on the recent post by an anonymous contributor on the 4chan website about the source code for the most extended and well-known Windows XP Operating System. The source code includes Windows Server 2003, Windows CE for handheld devices, and other Windows operating systems. The more dreaded thing included in...
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canva abused hosted phishing activities

Canva abused for phishing activities

Pay attention to cybercriminals who love to publish phishing sites targeting financial and big-time industries. They are taking advantage of Canva to host their phishing website to lure unsuspecting victims into gaining banking credentials and personally identifiable information. Recently, an Australian Graphic Design company Canva was reportedly abused by Cybercriminals. Canva was founded back in...
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