October 17, 2020
fitbit spyware intrusion social engineering malware mobile app

Fitbit just got fitted with Spyware for social engineering attack

The infamous mobile exercise and fitness app Fitbit was just given a rather “malicious” upgrade. Call it an alarming discovery from a security researcher, who found out that hackers and other threat actors can spike the app with malware, powerful enough to phish out personal and other information from its user. Fitbit advertises their app...
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coronavirus relief phishing campaign email

Cybercriminals used coronavirus relief for Phishing Campaign

A genuine and rather heartless phishing campaign was just discovered by security researchers this week. These cybercriminals saw an opportunity and targeted the Economic Stimulus checks from the Internal Revenue Services (IRS). These are the financial assistance payments for Americans during the Covid-19 pandemic. Taxpaying Americans were paid a one-time $1,200 check. At the same...
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