October 21, 2020
emotet malware spam campaign windows 10 update

Emotet Malware pretend as Windows 10 Update attachment

Another twist on the Emotet botnet has been observed by security researchers to further its malicious agenda. It is now pretending to be an attachment from Windows Update telling the receivers of the spam email to update their Microsoft Word application. As we all know, Emotet is a type of malware that gets distributed via...
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sonicwall firewall critical vulnerability

Critical SonicWall vulnerability affecting 800k firewall devices

SonicWall confirmed that the old version of their OS has been reviewed to be vulnerable to remote attackers through their official statements. After extensive research, they acknowledged the weakness and immediately performed a mitigation plan to develop an immediate patch to resolve the issue. Dubbed as CVE-2020-5135, this issue will allow an adversary to run...
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