December 2, 2020
pharma companies mobile phishing campaign spear-phishing antiphishing

Pharma companies targeted by Mobile Phishing campaigns

A recent Threat Report and Assessment from leading security researchers revealed a growing threat. An in-depth analysis shows hackers prefer pharmaceutical companies over other industries as the target of choice for spear-phishing campaigns. Over the last decade, threat actors have been known to focus their efforts on large companies, both private and government-owned, because they’ve...
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Egregor Malware Ransomware antimalware

Egregor: Dynamic Ransomware to keep an eye on

Reportedly been active since mid-September 2020 and a part of the Sekhmet malware family, Egregor is considered one of the most active Ransomware Group this year. This ransomware targets organizations worldwide to steal highly sensitive data, data encryption, and decryption of acquired data to exchange a ransom. Ransomware attacks from Cybercriminals have been around for...
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