December 16, 2020
ryuk ransomware data leak K12 Inc Online School compromised data

Online school giant K12 Inc pays Ryuk Ransomware

Current on the list of the victim of the Ryuk ransomware is the K12 Inc. that caters online educational program from kindergarten to grade 12. With the ongoing pandemic, the company is attending now to over a million students that choose to take online classes that they offered rather than be in the conventional way...
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cybersecurity defenses financial industry 2021 fraud prevention threat intelligence

Cybersecurity Defense on the Banking Industry to soar by 2021

Major Banking Institution and other related financial firms are projecting and allocating higher budget to Fraud Prevention and cybersecurity systems to ward off cybercriminals. It is estimated to keep climbing in 2021 as companies establish a more secure digital financial workspace which is being highlighted during the current pandemic.   Cybersecurity is at the top...
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