December 22, 2020
5G Network discovered vulnerability DOS MITM User Location Data Leak

Newly discovered vulnerability on 5G Network allows hackers to track user locations and data

The latest mobile network technology 5G is being rolled out gradually on major cities around the world. In line with the infrastructure deployments, analysis of the network architecture has revealed some potential weakness insecurity that when exploited by hackers and threat actors can enable them to perform cyber-attacks such as a denial of service to...
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google outage operation aurora DDOS china

Google outage a throw back to the sponsored hackers in China: Operation Aurora

A few days passed; the cyber community again experienced another worldwide Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDoS) that hits one of the tech giant service providers. With billions of users, Google has been struck by such attacks that led to most of its services – Gmail, Calendar, and Youtube have been inaccessible for a few hours. Based on the...
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