February 15, 2021
Imobiliare Romania Real Estate Data Breach vulnerability misconfiguration

Imobiliare, Romania’s largest Real Estate company suffers Data Breach

Every day, companies faced security challenges in maintaining their data secured from cyber-attacks. A data breach results from successful cyber-attacks that permit cyber criminals to access a company’s sensitive data. The exploitation of the data can happen anytime to any organization. However, cyber-attack is not the only cause of why data breaches are happening worldwide....
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GPT-3 GPT3 AI-generated text deepfake synthetic media

GPT-3 AI-generated text, deepfake and synthetic media

A few years ago, experts and cybersecurity researchers tried to imagine the kind of tactics and manipulation campaigns that might threaten the 2018 and 2020 elections. The misleading AI-generated videos have topped the list. Even though the technology is still emerging at that time, the projected potential abuse when utilized was very alarming that technology...
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