February 24, 2021
phone scams communications frauds money loss fraud prevention vishing SMSing

Phone scams stolen money from almost 40 percent of consumers in 2020

Almost 40% of telecommunication consumers have lost money to phone scams and frauds during the previous year based on a recent research report conducted by a Hiya, a telecommunication platform. It is now more than ever that consumers and organizations rely on using voice calls to process transactions with voice network traffic rising 184% in...
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MASS logger trojan windows credential stealer keylogger malware

MASS Logger Trojan, Windows credential stealer is back with an upgrade

MASS Logger, a famous credential stealer on the Windows platform that steals credential data from Chrome, Outlook and instant messaging apps, has been detected in recent attacks last week by cybersecurity experts. The keylogger was used against users in Turkey, Latvia and Italy – the infections have similarity to the cyber-attacks last September to November...
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