August 10, 2021
18000 identities stolen monthly Genesis Market Place

At least 18,000 identities are stolen each month at the Genesis Market

The Genesis Market Place is different from any other underground market selling stolen information. It hides through the dark web’s anonymity – because this cybercriminal shop is easily accessible right through anyone’s public internet and as well as through the dark web if anyone prefers it there. On the other hand, one would need an...
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Reserve Bank of India RBI core activities payment solution companies

Reserve Bank of India tightens rules on core activities of payment solution companies

RBI has implemented these new rules as emphasized during cases of high-profile cyberattacks against India’s technology ecosystem, including payment solution systems such as Mobikwik, Juspay, and Upstox, where customers’ payments data were put at risk.  Payment companies’ outsourcing of settlement and payment-related activities to third-party operators has been reviewed and finalised by the Reserve Bank of India....
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