August 28, 2021
Version 2.0 LockBit Ransomware global landscape malware

Version 2.0 of LockBit Ransomware reaches global landscape

In using version 2.0 of LockBit RaaS malware (ransom-as-a-service), cybersecurity researchers say that threat actors could execute more aggressive targeted attacks against several organizations in different countries such as Taiwan, Italy, Chile, and the UK. In addition, the attacks that happened around July and August this year are said to employ the LockBit 2.0 malware...
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500000 records Pine Labs compromised data breach blackmatter ransomware

Over 500,000 sensitive company records of Pine Labs were compromised due to data breach

Reports have emerged recently about a B2B fintech solutions firm, Pine Labs, suspected exposure to cyber hacking, which has been said to compromise over 500,000 confidential records, including the firm’s employee data, financial statements, client contracts, and many other internal sensitive documentations.   Pine Labs, however, denies the alleged claims.   As stated by cybercrime...
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