August 31, 2021
RansomExx Ransomware Brazil Lojas Renner

The biggest Brazilian clothing store chain, Lojas Renner got attacked by a ransomware

One of the biggest clothing store chains in Brazil, Lojas Renner, had been recently reported to be intruded on by a ransomware attack. The said attack has negatively affected the store’s IT infrastructure, causing its official website and some of its systems to be inaccessible. This incident was revealed by the company Lojas Renner themselves on Thursday as they file with...
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12000 Revere Health patient records exposed phishing email attack

12,000 Revere Health patient records got exposed due to an email phishing attack

A press release was released last Friday by Revere Health, a healthcare company located in the US. The statement involves the healthcare company’s exposure to a phishing attack via email sent towards a healthcare company which resulted in endangering the medical records of about 12,000 patients. This also includes the records of cardiology practice patients...
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Bright Data philippine government DDOS cyber attack

Bright Data firm allegedly services the Philippine government in executing DDoS attacks against its oppositions

Bright Data is an internet software firm originated from Israel which offers data collection services and advanced proxy solutions and networks. Recently, the said firm has received several allegations from a Swedish digital rights company called Qurium that Bright Data is behind a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack to help the Philippine government against a local...
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North Korea Hackers web browsers malware InkySquid

InkySquid hacker group from North Korea compromises web browsers into downloading a malware

A North Korean hacker group has been reported by cybersecurity experts to be utilizing web browser applications to manipulate and exploit them into delivering and deploying a certain custom malware to their victims’ websites. Behind this cyberattack is an eminent North Korean group around the cybercrime industry called the InkySquid. They are described as a threat...
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Parcel delivery phishing attacks UK Post Office Scam

Parcel delivery phishing attacks in the UK targets the Post Office

Ever since the worldwide pandemic has begun, many physical stores have been forced to shut down, including in the UK. Thus, it as well forced a lot of UK customers to rely on online shopping. Even that few retail stores around the country have slowly reopened, customers have learned the advantages and practicality of shopping their needs online. However,...
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