September 24, 2021
Major security bug fixes update vulnerability WordPress

Major security bug fixes update has been released by WordPress version 5.8.1

Any tools or software usually publishes a bug fix update coming from any significant version update to fix unanticipated technical issues and present new improvements that have not been introduced along with the major version update release. This is what’s expected for every software and content platform. WordPress, an open-source content management system, have informed...
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Cryptocurrency great escape plan hackers dark web

Cryptocurrency is a great escape plan for hackers

Cybercrimes have been under the spotlight for the longest time, primarily because of how lucrative the business is for threat actors. Recent reports reveal that the cybercrime landscape has cost the world more than $1 trillion, and by 2025, it has been predicted to cost the world’s economy over $10 trillion. It makes this fact clear coming from the...
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unsecured database Get Health 60 million wearable technology records

More than 60 million worth of wearable tech and fitness services records from GetHealth was exposed due to unsecured database

An exposure online has affected more than 61 million records from an unsecured database related to wearable technology and fitness services. Cybersecurity researchers reported last Monday that the exposed database belongs to GetHealth.  GetHealth is an organization based in New York which prides itself as a combined solution to access health and wellness data for hundreds of wearables, medical...
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