September 27, 2021
Fujitsu confirms cyberattack not related hacker marketplace Marketo dark web

Fujitsu officially confirms that the cyberattack on its systems are not related to hacker marketplace Marketo

A 4GB worth of stolen data allegedly from Fujitsu was posted last August by a popular cybercrime marketplace known as Marketo. When the group was marketing the stolen data that they claim to be from Fujitsu, the company said that they were actually investigating a potential attack. They added that the source of this possible attack is unknown. Meanwhile, the attacker group Marketo said that they...
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£4 million per day stolen UK citizens first half 2021 online fraud

Over £4 million per day are stolen from UK citizens during the first half of 2021

A UK banking trade body report discovered that over £4 million or over $5 million a day were stolen from citizens during the first half of this year, 2021. This report increases 31% compared to last year’s findings due to a rise in attacks activities of threat actors.  As cybercriminals have focused their scamming activities towards authorized push-payment or APP fraud,...
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