October 12, 2021
Pegasus spyware fear execution cyberattacks malware

Pegasus spyware creates fear due to being exploited in the execution of cyberattacks

Investigations have been conducted regarding the Pegasus spyware’s suspicious activities in monitoring civil rights agencies, government figures, and journalists all over the world to operate a new wave of cyberattacks.  Pegasus is a spyware system built by NSO Group that allows reading text messages, tracking calls, and more ways of harvesting information from devices. Initially, spyware is offered as a tool to combat crime;...
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Ecommerce firm Next Level Apparel email phishing

E-commerce firm, Next Level Apparel suffered email phishing that affects some employees

An American e-commerce firm and leading designer and manufacturer of clothing items, Next Level Apparel, has recently experienced a data breach issue that affected its employees’ email accounts. As reported by the firm’s issued press release, a small number of employee email accounts have been compromised to an email phishing incident. The attack has given threat actors unauthorized access to sensitive company information.  The exposed...
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Data breach cyberattack game streaming Twitch data exposed

Data breach attack has targeted a popular video game streaming platform, Twitch streamers’ revenue data got exposed

The popular videogame streaming platform, Twitch Interactive, was recently hit by a data breach that leaked some of the video game streaming platform’s confidential information in an online chat forum called 4chan. Reports say that an alleged 4chan user had exposed the Twitch data, aiming to damage the video game streaming platform’s business. Additionally, this threat actor claims to have intruded Twitch’s internal...
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