Data breach attack has targeted a popular video game streaming platform, Twitch streamers’ revenue data got exposed

Data breach cyberattack game streaming Twitch data exposed

The popular videogame streaming platform, Twitch Interactive, was recently hit by a data breach that leaked some of the video game streaming platform’s confidential information in an online chat forum called 4chan. Reports say that an alleged 4chan user had exposed the Twitch data, aiming to damage the video game streaming platform’s business. Additionally, this threat actor claims to have intruded Twitch’s internal system and got illegal access to their source code, creator payout information, and security tools. 

Twitch is an Amazon-owned live video platform, more famously known for video game live streaming and esports competition broadcasting. 

The platform has confirmed the data breach incident and informed the public that they are working hard to identify the scope of damage that the attack has brought.  


Alleged data breach threat actor disses the video game streaming platform via 4chan and posts the revenue data of famous video game streamers 

The threat actor involved in the Twitch data breach attack posted on 4chan its opinions about how “disgusting” the community is and mentioned how hacking could damage the video game streaming platform’s business. 

Claiming to be the “part one” of the attack, the threat actor posted details about how much revenue the video game streamers gain from the platform. The attacker also posted a photo of Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder, with a caption referring to how much the firm spent on buying the video game streaming platform when he can give it away for free. 

Aside from the revenue details of some of Twitch’s video game streamers, the platform’s spokesperson has refused to give more comments about other data information that was breached against them. No comment was published as well from the end of Amazon regarding the data breach issue. 

Amazon acquired Twitch for $970 million last 2014. It has an average of over 2.5 million viewers and more than 7 million live-streaming creators worldwide. 


Twitch streamers react to the data breach attack 

The leaked data on 4chan by the threat actor showed the payout revenues of many famous video game streamers. Some of those streamers reacted on social media, saying that the leaked payout figures are factual from what they earn from the video game streaming platform.  

One Twitch streamer named Scott Hellyer has reached out to researchers via a Twitter direct message, saying that he is one of the data breach victims and that his revenue data is exposed on 4chan. He added that it is with huge hope that no other major sensitive data such as email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, or banking information is included in the rumored second part of the data breach leak. 

For many years, cyber attackers have been targeting gaming companies intending to steal valuable information about future releases in the gaming industry. According to an engineering director, the source code breach against Twitch opens the possibility of more future attacks. 

Security researchers advise Twitch users to change their passwords and enable multifactor verifications. As of now, no further evidence has been released on whether additional sensitive information is included in the video game streaming platform’s data breach incident, aside from the exposed revenue of streamers. 

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