October 15, 2021
Top 14 Android mobile Apps Firebase misconfigured

Top 14 Android Apps with Millions of installs are Firebase misconfigured

The research revealed that nine out of fourteen android apps, which have more than 30 million users, are potentially leaking data. The top 14 Android apps with over a hundred million installs are at risk for being Firebase misconfigured. Unauthorized parties might access these apps and expose confidential data.     Almost everyone has an Android app installed on...
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BloodyStealer Malware Trojan Gaming gamers new cyber threat

BloodyStealer Malware – Gaming platforms and gamers’ new threat

A group of researchers has identified an advanced Trojan virus on the dark web forums called BloodyStealer. The function of this malware trojan si mainly for stealing gamer accounts and data in different gaming platforms like Epic Games Store, EA Origin, and Steam accounts.  The BloodyStealer moved by targeting gaming platforms, digging data for gaming accounts, and then stealing it...
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Ransomware Healthcare Delivery Organizations cyberattacks

An onslaught of Ransomware in Healthcare Delivery Organizations might result to grave danger

IT security professionals were surveyed by a certain institution to accurately understand the ins and outs of how COVID – 19 affects healthcare delivery organizations. This survey also helps them figure out how ransomware cyberattacks on patients’ information are being kept at bay by the HDOs.  As for the research mentioned above, ransomware has already impacted healthcare organizations, causing grave...
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