October 28, 2021
APAC digital payment transactions cybersecurity awareness  it security

As APAC found to be the largest contributor to digital payment transactions, cybersecurity awareness becomes more vital 

Public awareness of cybersecurity is still not prevalent even up to today. Since the devastation of the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, digital payment transactions have also seen an upsurge – making many people more exposed to threats of cyberattacks.   A security researcher’s study revealed that about 90% of Asian respondents had utilised mobile payment applications in everyday digital payment transactions.  Moreover, 2...
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Threat Actor TA544 Italian organization Ursnif Trojan Malware

Cyber Threat Actor TA544 is threatening Italian organizations using Ursnif Trojan

A recently discovered malware campaign has been uncovered, and they are utilizing the Ursnif Trojan for attacking Italian organizations. A few months before this latest threat attack, Ursnif malware was used against almost a hundred banks across the Italian countryside.  The Ursnif Trojan Malware, also known as Gozi, Dreambot, and IFSB, is a high-risk trojan-type virus developed to record...
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Russia nation state cyberattacks Microsoft cyber espionage

Russia to be the top country executing nation-state cyberattacks with 58% of statistical data, according to Microsoft

Microsoft reported that at least 58% of nation-state cyberattacks have emerged from Russia. Followed by this is North Korea with 23%, Iran with 11%, and China with 8%. Other data reveals that the rest of the countries such as Vietnam, Turkey, and South Korea have under 1% representation only.  Microsoft Digital Defense Report has published a data overview to emphasize nation-state...
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