November 4, 2021
Russia REvil Ransomware TOR sites compromised dark web the onion router

Russia’s REvil Ransomware halts operation as their TOR sites were compromised

REvil ransomware group, Russia’s most notorious cybercriminal gang, known for their extortions, has shut down again after an unidentified individual hijacked their data leak blog and the onion router payment portal.  The ‘The onion router’ shuts down recently. A malicious actor associated with the REvil group announces that somebody caused problems to the ransomware group’s domain to the XSS...
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Visible account manipulations Networking tech company e commerce online shopping telecom

People are setting Visible on fire due to multiple account manipulations

Visible, a Verizon-owned company and an all-digital wireless carrier in the United States that offers unlimited text, calls, video calls, data, hot spots and many more, is receiving many backlashes from its users due to account manipulation.  The company is currently receiving overwhelming criticism from their users, who took it to social media stating that their accounts had...
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Water Plants US Ransomware Attacks North-America Water Wastewater System malware detection

Water Plants in US soil revealed that they experienced multiple Ransomware Attacks

IN A JOINT ADVISORY RECENTLY, the US government agencies said that the US Water and Wastewater Systems (WWS) facilities had been data infiltrated multiple times via ransomware attacks for the past two years.  The government also added that the WWS is currently experiencing malicious activity that could result in a ransomware attack which may affect them in providing the necessary water supply...
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